“Eino loves Happy Headstart because he enjoys singing, dancing and playing. Learning is always fun with Happy Headstart with all the friendly and very accommodating teachers and members of the staff. Thank you for helping Eino enjoy going to school.”
Shirley Aliviado Calma

“My kids love spending time at Happy Headstart… They have fun everytime they go there. The staff are great, very friendly and assistive to all the kids.”
Rona Feliciano

“We love Happy HEADStart because Ranze learned a lot of things such as singing, dancing, writing, and because of this he can write his name and the alphabets by himself! Happy HEADStart has been an instrument in my intellectual and social development. The staff members are very caring and loving; they impart a big role of my son’s early steps and making learning so much fun! It was an indeed a wonderful learning experience for Ranze.”
Ronaliza Garcia

“Happy Headstart has played a vital role in my daughter’s life. I enrolled her in the playschool class back when she was two because she didn’t start talking yet. Teacher Chie was the only one who was able to break her shell and make her start talking. She even got addicted to singing the Wind Wind Sugar song that they always sang in school. I’ll always and forever be thankful to Teacher Chie and Happy Headstart for helping my daughter be the person that she is now.”
Kaz Abad Santos Yagud Spa

“Happy Headstart helped my little Jana a lot. Her motor, analytical and social skills accelerated! She now has that advantage compared to her cousins. We are very happy and grateful to be a part of the Happy Headstart family. Be one of us now.”
Imee Fe Applewerkz

“My daughter Zia had an exciting time in Happy Headstart which I must say played a huge role in her social and cognitive development. That’s the best thing about Happy Headstart – they allow kids to have fun while learning.”
Maja Cruz Grand Palazzo Royale

“One of the best decisions I made is letting my daughter, Clara, attend Happy Headstart. She started last year when she was just two and a half, and I’m amazed of her progress. She not only mastered her ABCs and 123s, colors and shapes, but also laced her own necklaces and made different ‘art projects’. But most importantly, in Happy Headstart she made new friends. The shy little baby started to gain self confidence through her exposure with classmates, as guided by Teacher Chie.”

“Clara is always excited to go to Happy Headstart. This affirms the enjoyable learning environment created by Teacher Chie.”

“A very important tool in aiding my child’s formative years, as I cannot personally attend to her learning needs 24/7 — Happy Headstart.”
Kei Guiang PNB

“Butchoy’s very first school and the one he will always wish to return to because according to him, ‘It is the most fun!'”
Atty. Regina Guarin Flores, Guarin and Angeles Law Firm

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