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Child Painting

“My daughter Zia had an exciting time in Happy Headstart which I must say played a huge role in her social and cognitive development. That’s the best thing about Happy Headstart – they allow kids to have fun while learning.”
Maja Cruz Grand Palazzo Royale

What’s in it for your child?

Motor Skills Development

We help children produce efficient action and improve dexterity.

Cognitive Skills Development

We help improve your child’s logical thinking, perception and understanding of concepts.

Socio-Emotional Skills Development

We teach children to get along with others with ease and confidence. To be more caring and sensitive to others’ feelings.

Language Skills Development

Widen your child’s vocabulary through projects and fun investigations.

Arts and Crafts

Art activities are an effective way to give your child a sense of accomplishment and to develop their fine motor skills.

Music and Movement

Improve your child’s agility through music and dance while woking off their excess energy.