Happy HEADStart opened its doors in May 2011 to provide carefully structured learning opportunities through play for children ages two to four. We take advantage of the environment as the third teacher so we are committed to providing a fun and stimulating setting where children feel safe and encouraged to pursue their interest and hunger to learn.

At Happy HEADStart, we believe that each child learns best when he or she is able to participate in a wide variety of activities; so we adhere to the practice of “learning by discovery,” which is a hallmark of progressive approach in education. Learning activities include arts and crafts, music, field trips, reading, story time, free play and other activities that make learning fun for children.

After three years of successfully partnering with parents and toddlers, Happy HEADStart is expanding and opens its second location that provides the same level of quality programs that parents have come to expect.

Learn more about how we can help your child gain a sense of self, explore, play with peers, and build confidence.

“Happy Headstart has played a vital role in my daughter’s life. I enrolled her in the playschool class back when she was two because she didn’t start talking yet. Teacher Chie was the only one who was able to break her shell and make her start talking. She even got addicted to singing the Wind Wind Sugar song that they always sang in playschool. I’ll always and forever be thankful to Teacher Chie and Happy Headstart for helping my daughter be the person that she is now.”
Kaz Abad Santos Yagud Spa