Playtime with Baby

6-12 months

This is a unique class specially designed to develop baby’s visual, auditory, tactile, motor, social, and language skills. Facilitated by a class leader, you and your baby will participate in exciting play activities involving musical instruments, rattles, soft toys, texture boards, puppets, obstacles, and music and movement. The class provides opportunities for parents and babies to strengthen their bond and create beautiful memories together.

Play and Learn Groups

Play and Learn Sessions are organized play groups for young children ages 2 – 3 ½ years old.
It’s a wonderful gift to be able to play! The simple pleasure of playing with other children can help your child build creativity, confidence and lifelong friendships. Happy HEADStart’s themed play activities such as singing and dancing, coloring, arts and crafts, and free play are specially designed to help young children learn and develop socially as they play with others in their age group.

Path to School Readiness

Give your toddler (ages 3-4 years old) a solid foundation to succeed in a “real” school.
Our school readiness classes will give your child a taste of what’s to come, such as having a structured day, following classroom rules, and being separated from you. Specially designed activities focus on readiness skills such as pre-writing and writing, reading, and math activities to help develop confidence, curiosity, communication, perseverance and cooperation.


Arts and Crafts

Creative arts and crafts activities for kids ages 4-6 years old

It’s not necessarily about the end product, but the exciting and absorbing journey your child goes through to create his/her own masterpiece. In the Arts and Crafts classes, we will work with a wide variety of mediums, techniques and use a broad range of materials. But the main focus is on creative exploration, sensory and experiential activities, and the sheer fun of making things!

Discoveries and Experiments

Safe and easy science activities for kids ages 4 – 6 years old

Our fun science activities for kids provide hours of learning enjoyment while allowing their curious minds to explore different science experiments and projects. These classes are structured to provide easy to follow steps in each activity. Your child will love the hands-on aspect and the discoveries he/she will make.

Brain Games for Kids

Cool brain teasers to keep your child’s interest while using brain muscles too

Brainteaser games for kids are a fun way to learn and practice math and logic skills, critical thinking skills and language skills. In these classes, your child will solve puzzles, search for hidden pictures, learn fun facts, and master mazes.

Move and Groove

Get your little one to start wiggling and grooving

Our Move and Groove classes encourage children to experience dance in a safe, fun and stimulating learning center environment. These classes use activities, exercises, music, songs and games to promote your child’s movement, balance, posture, and memory skills. Different types of music are featured each week – from jazz, rock ‘n roll, to classical and pop – not only to entertain and stimulate but to enhance their love of music.

Playful Storytelling

Celebrate books and stories in playful, hands-on way

Too much pressure to read and write can be intimidating and plenty of young kids get turned off learning way too early in life because they’re forced into it too soon. Happy HeadStart’s Playful Storytelling classes provide the foundations of good literacy skills through listening to stories and retelling them in a fun way using a wide range of activities from puppet making, oral storytelling and dramatic play, book making, and creating simple story props.

One-On-One Tutorial Program

We recognize the difficulty of school-age children in coping with school work. At Happy Headstart, your child will be assigned to a teacher that would tailor-fit a program for him/her, dealing with academic difficulties such as Reading and Writing, Intermediate Mathematics, English, and Filipino.

“Happy Headstart helped my little Jana a lot. Her motor, analytical and social skills accelerated! She now has that advantage compared to her cousins. We are very happy and grateful to be a part of the Happy Headstart family. Be one of us now.”
Imee Fe Applewerkz